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Long Island Speakers

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Long Island Speakers

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Re-envisioning Suburbia through Smart Development: Navigating the Complexities of Development on Long Island



The panel will identify current problems and propose realistic solutions to foster development on Long Island.

Among the issues creating barriers to entry are zoning, governmental bureaucracy, lack of proper incentives, community resistance, and insufficient infrastructure.

Those will be covered briefly before discussing specific projects and how the developers overcame some of these issues. Recent successes will be referenced as to how they may help to change public opinion. Finally, ideas on changing the approach to development will be put forward as a way to ease typical hurdles, since the hurdles themselves are not likely to change any time soon.

Luxury Real Estate Auctions: The Art of The Auction






The Problem:

1. Is your property lingering on the market?

2. Have you reduced the price without gaining traction?

3. Is the listing generating insufficient foot traffic at showings?

4. Is the listing generating insufficient offers?

5. Are there too many competitive listings on the market?

6. Are deals falling apart over contract negotiations?

7. Is there simply not enough urgency in the marketplace?

The Solution:

Solve these issues by reaching more purchasers than any other strategy can and by delivering an extremely compelling message. This is what creates the urgency necessary to cause prospective bidders to investigate and inquire—and when they do, we educate them by conducting property previews and by providing substantive due diligence information about your property before the auction. We also create the opportunity for bidders to fall in love with your special property. Finally, we force informed bidders to compete to buy your property on a non-negotiable, all-cash, as-is basis—at the highest price and in a luxury-bidding environment.


Judy Sahagian, JudyNetworks.com | Paramount Realty USA, Director of Business Development 


Misha Haghani, Esq. Principal, Paramount Realty USA


Re-Energizing the Island

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